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IUPUI unveils new logo, university promise

May 7, 2013

Faculty, staff, students and visitors will start noticing subtle changes to the IUPUI identity in the coming weeks.

Banners at IUPUI

Banners at IUPUI

The traditional IUPUI logo has been replaced by the block IU logo with “IUPUI” imprinted alongside or below. While IU recognizes and values its strong relationship with Purdue, this change is designed to clarify the fact that IUPUI is an IU-managed campus that offers select Purdue programs. This new logo is already reflected on the campus’ official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In addition, the campus is embracing a new university-wide tagline, “What matters. Where it matters,” which will replace “Where impact is made” as IUPUI’s development campaign concludes this summer.  

The new tagline reinforces the university’s belief that no matter what campus you attend or work at, that we’re all part of the IU family and, for students, that a degree earned at any of our campuses across the state carries the weight of the valued IU brand.

These recent changes are more than a shift in communications tactics, they’re part of a larger promise to the state that IU offers a quality education across all campuses. Further, IU connects students and employees with their goals and where they want to go … and beyond.

If you have any questions or want additional information on the campus’s new identity and branding standards, please email iubrand@iu.edu. Or, continue to check back to Inside IUPUI for updates.

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