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IU branding is in full force at IUPUI

July 9, 2013

The Indiana University comprehensive brand initiative is in its infancy, but the IUPUI campus is in full swing to adopt the strategy, deliver on the IU promise, lead by example and provide pathways for Hoosiers to make their place in a bigger world and take them where they want to go.

An initiative of this magnitude is only as strong as our best collective efforts to show the distinctiveness of Indiana University and to reinforce its reputation for excellence on all its campuses. IUPUI campus leaders continue to step up to endorse and live the brand.

Within this new, shared brand platform, IUPUI will continue to expand upon the traits that keep the campus robust, dynamic and distinctive: its urban location, history of cross-sector collaboration and tradition of community engagement, and the energized spirit of the Jaguar.

IUPUI is exhibiting the essence of IU. ALL IN.

Branding transition to date and on-going

IU brand book
A first of its kind for the university, the IU brand book was developed so the university speaks with one voice and tone, to let the world know what IU can do. It has been designed and delivered, and is available for download on the university’s brand website: brand.iu.edu.

IU brand website
Another first for the university, the brand site allows the university to maintain a consistent voice through messaging and provides downloadable tools so we are consistent visually.

The new IUPUI campus mark and brand tag
IUPUI has transitioned to the new campus mark. The mark is the official representation of the campus: the block IU logo with “IUPUI” written either alongside or below it. In addition to the new logo, all IU campuses will have the new university-wide tagline -- “What matters. Where it matters.” -- reinforcing the concept that degrees earned on any IU campus bear the same value and quality of the brand.

IUPUI vehicles
Like other forms of communication and signage, the Indiana University vehicle fleet on the IUPUI campus represents the university to the public. The updated IUPUI mark is being applied to all IUPUI campus vehicles. Campus Facility Services led the way and has transitioned its vehicles. Other IUPUI department vehicles will follow this summer.

IUPUI campus shuttle buses  
The campus shuttle buses’ visuals will be updated in July with the new IUPUI campus mark and the tagline “What matters. Where it matters.”; and will continue to express the IUPUI energized spirit and feature the Jaguar.

IUPUI street pole banners  
Street pole banners speak to the new IU brand featuring the block IU and the IUPUI acronym alternating positions on each pole.

IUPUI skywalk banners
New IU skywalk

New IU skywalk

New skywalk banners will be installed in July. The murals will feature comprehensive IU brand messages and introduce brand elements, the new Trident tab and IU brand patterns.

Current boards in the market will be replaced with new IU brand messaging and feature the new IUPUI mark. Billboards are located on Interstate 70 East near Greenfield, I-65 South near Greenwood, I-70 West near Plainfield, and East Washington Street and Mitthoeffer Road near Washington Square Mall. Art will be transitioned in July.

IUPUI Gateway garage
Murals featured in the Gateway garage will transition to the new IU brand messages and elements and will feature the new IUPUI mark in July and August.

New IUPUI advertisement

New IUPUI advertisement

IUPUI print advertisements in the market
Multiple ads were placed in the market and will remain during July and August: La Voz, The Recorder, Indianapolis Monthly and the Indianapolis Business Journal.

IUPUI social networks
IUPUI social networks have transitioned to the new IUPUI mark: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus.

University Web pages
As part of the new Indiana University brand initiative, new IU branding bars have been developed. They feature the newly developed IU trident square and feature the name of each Indiana University campus. See how your Web page looks with the new branding bar and begin planning today with the IU branding bar preview. (Click on the wheel tool in the upper right-hand corner to select the IU campus.) Branding bars will be available in August for download via the brand.iu.edu website for immediate implementation.

New Indiana University fonts
The new IU brand introduces three new university fonts: Benton Sans, Georgia Pro and Salvo Serif. You can use them to create variety in your materials both online and off since they are Web safe. The fonts can be downloaded free of charge, although a user name is required. The IU font is reserved for campus, school, department and center signatures. Fonts will be available for download in July.

IU colors
IU colors are IU crimson, IU cream and black. Primary and secondary color palettes have been developed as well as a brand color combinations chart to aid designers across the university. These palettes can be found on the the brand website.

Campus level logo marks
The new university campus logos were developed to represent the Indiana University brand promise of delivering the same quality education across all IU campuses. That is why we developed a comprehensive Indiana University brand platform. The platforms for each of the campuses and the School of Medicine ladder up to the larger brand. The new university campus logos reflect this scenario.  The Indiana University name is larger, and the name of the campuses ladders up to the larger IU brand.  This is part of a universitywide strategy to explain Indiana University and all of its components.

IU publications
All schools and departments currently preparing publications should incorporate new IU brand messages and elements. Tools can be downloaded at the IU brand website.

For questions about the IU brand, contact iubrand@iu.edu.

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