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Winter good time to register bicycles

January 12, 2016

Cold weather may limit the number of bicycle riders around campus this winter, but Parking and Transportation Services officials believe now is the time for students, staff and faculty riders to prepare for better weather ahead by following the Bike IUPUI program.

Parking and Transportation Services is offering free registration, which provides riders with several benefits, including:

  • Lifetime permits for as long as the rider owns the bicycle
  • Deterrent to theft
  • Aids in recovery of lost or stolen bicycles
  • Helps with accident victim identification
  • May help prevent ticketing or impoundment, and helps Parking and Transportation Services get in touch with riders whose bicycles have picked up or impounded

Riders are encouraged to pay attention to the tips and other information provided on the Bike IUPUI website.

"Riders can avoid hassles by registering their bicycles and familiarizing themselves with the campus rules and regulations included in Bike IUPUI," said Sherri Eggleton, director of Parking and Transportation Services.

The director noted that the Bike IUPUI website includes information about:

  • Permits, including the information owners need to provide to obtain them
  • Locations of bike racks
  • Campus bike regulations
  • Safety tips and more

The site also connects to the Indiana Pacers BikeShare program, an alternative to owning a bicycle for those who would like to take advantage of the health benefits of riding without the costs of bike ownership.

Jessica Davis, director of the Office of Sustainability, said her office is pitching the benefits of Sustainability's Hine Hall Bicycle Storage space. The facility is located in the Tower Garage and is a low-cost option for those who prefer to store their bicycles indoors, out of the winter cold. It also offers secure JagTag access to protect bikes from theft as well as a bike maintenance station just outside the storage area.

The Hine Hall Bike Storage website also contains tips about bicycle safety, links to the Bike IUPUI website and information about IUPUI's bicycle maintenance stations.

Both Davis and Eggleton urge riders to follow these safety protocols:

  • Stick with streets and dedicated paths while riding, not on sidewalks
  • Ride with traffic, not against it
  • Have lights on bicycles for night riding
  • Obey the same traffic signals that apply to vehicles and motorists

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