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Campus honors faculty who have helped IUPUI flourish

May 10, 2016

THese men and women were among this year's retiring faculty members.

These 13 men and women were among those who were honored at this year's IUPUI faculty retirement luncheon.

Forty of IUPUI's most experienced faculty members and administrators who will retire this month were honored last week at the annual Faculty Retiree Luncheon.

Chancellor Nasser Paydar spoke at the event and expressed his admiration for the contributions of the men and women who are leaving the campus this spring.

"As members of the IUPUI faculty, your dedication to educating our students, advancing knowledge and practice in your discipline, and engaging with our campus and the communities we serve has created an environment where all of us strive to achieve excellence," Paydar said in his remarks.

"Wherever your next steps take you, I hope you will keep in touch and continue to follow IUPUI as it evolves to serve our students, our community and our world," he added. "You have helped build this institution, and we are grateful for all that you have contributed in time, energy and expertise."

Paydar and Faculty Council president Marianne Wokeck welcomed the guests of honor, and Dean Emeritus Lawrence Goldblatt of the School of Dentistry provided the keynote address. Trudy Banta of the Office of Planning and Institutional Improvement also offered remarks.

This year's retirees and their school affiliations:

  • Sharon P. Andreoli, School of Medicine
  • Enrica Ardemagni, School of Liberal Arts
  • John C. Baenziger, School of Medicine
  • Tamilyn Bakas, School of Nursing
  • Trudy W. Banta, School of Education
  • Kathryn Coe, School of Public Health
  • John J. Coleman III, School of Medicine
  • Patricia R. Ebright, School of Nursing
  • Stephen F. Echtenkamp, School of Medicine-Northwest Gary
  • Cheryl Erler, School of Nursing
  • Philip R. Faught, School of Medicine
  • Philip C. Ferguson, School of Medicine
  • Rose S. Fife, School of Medicine
  • Janice C. Froehlich, School of Medicine
  • Lawrence Goldblatt, School of Dentistry
  • Michael Q. Graham, School of Medicine
  • Judith A. Halstead, School of Nursing
  • Jennifer L. Hehman, IUPUI University Library
  • Thomas S. Inui, School of Medicine
  • Joyce A. Krothe, School of Nursing
  • John C. Lappas, School of Medicine
  • Wei-Hua Lee, School of Medicine
  • Katherine R. Levin, School of Medicine
  • Linda M. Marler, School of Medicine
  • Alan E. Mikesky, School of Physical Education and Tourism Management
  • Grant D. Nicol, School of Medicine
  • Philip R. Ouellette, School of Social Work
  • R. Hunter Rackley Jr., School of Dentistry
  • Kenneth E. Rennels, School of Engineering and Technology
  • Connie Rowles, School of Nursing
  • Kathleen Russell, School of Nursing
  • Roderick A. Suthers, School of Medicine
  • Susan L. Tennant, School of Informatics and Computing
  • William M. Tierney, School of Medicine
  • John J. Tilley, School of Liberal Arts
  • Michael Vasko, School of Medicine
  • Joel A. Vilensky, School of Medicine-Fort Wayne
  • Karen W. West, School of Medicine
  • George Willis, School of Dentistry
  • Paul Zitterbart, School of Dentistry

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