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Faculty, students and staff reply to ‘just one thing’ contest

September 15, 2015

Earlier in September, we challenged you to tell us "just one thing” you plan to change about your lifestyle in honor of World Heart Day. Here is what you said. Congratulations also go to Kelly, who won our IUPUI hoodie. 

Mary, staff: I am going to start taking the stairs. Every time. I work on the first floor and often need to go to offices on the third and fourth floors. It will be much better for me to take the stairs -- all the time. I'm trying to work out more and this will only encourage that motivation!!

Myka, staff: I am going to change my eating habits. I'm going to drink water only, stay away from sugary drinks, processed foods, and snack less. I'm also going to make a continued effort to increase my physical activity by walking or working out at least once a day. Heart disease is the number 1 killer in women, yet African American women are affected at a disproportionate rate. I do not want to be another statistic and plan on living a long healthy life, so I want to do my part and take care of my body. After all, it's the only one I have!

David, student: I try to stay healthy by exercising and eating moderately healthy. The one thing I am going to change for World Heart Day is to make sure that every meal I consume has green in it. Having vegetables might be "just one thing," but it’ll be my personal contribution for World Heart Day.

Matthew, staff: I will strive to eat out less and bring a healthier option for lunch from home more often.

Kelly, staff: I will cook with herbs in place of salt. Win-win for me. My parents used a lot of salt in their cooking and I didn't really think it was a problem for me. Recently my doctor asked me about salt intake as I was retaining water. It was pretty alarming for me to see what effects salt had on high blood pressure. So my first step is to reduce salt in my diet.

Laura, faculty: I will take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Martina, faculty: I will increase my daily goal of steps walked on my Fitbit by 1,000 per day, 5 days per week.

Matthew, faculty: I will commit to taking the stairs instead of the elevator when I am going up or down 3 floor or less.

Kimberly, student: In honor of my own health, I am going to start taking walks outside again at least 4 times a week. Getting fresh air and clearing my mind will benefit me by providing more exercise time and can also help reduce stress. Even though I am busy, I need to be sure to take a little bit of time for walks!

Cindy, faculty: I will make a commitment to power walk at least 30 minutes/day 5-6 times/week in the month of September.  

Todd, staff: I am walking to and from work at least 4 days a week. This small change is giving my heart 2.5 miles extra exercise each day.

Debra, staff: I park further away from my building. And, when I finish eating lunch, I walk to my car and back to my building.

John, student: I live a busy life. Between classes, research projects, my 11 month old daughter, coaching wrestling and the National Guard, I do not have any free time. I have plenty of habits I need to fix, but the main one I really want to improve on is my mental health. Over this semester, I am going to dedicate 30 minutes a day for "me" time. A time to sit, breath and relax. With all the stresses of life, I think we forget to stop and make time for ourselves. Until you can have peace of mind, your life will be anything but.

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