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April 19, 2016

Terry Johnson and Winnie Bulaya of Campus Facility Services were honored earlier this month as the Finance and Administration divisional Service with Distinction annual award winners for 2015, earning each of them recognition for their work and their contributions to IUPUI.

Service with Distinction plaques

Campus Facility Services employees Terry Johnson and Winnie Bulaya were honored earlier this month as the 2015 Service with Distinction award recipients from the Division of Finance and Administration.

Johnson and Bulaya both work in the Informatics & Communications Technology Complex for CFS. They were recognized during a reception in the ICTC building by Camy Broker, interim director for Finance and Administration; Finance and Administration leadership; and their CFS co-workers.

The Division of Finance and Administration Service with Distinction Award program was launched in 2015 to recognize the quality of service displayed by the division's employees and to honor individuals who provide such service across the campus.

Employees are nominated for monthly recognition; those who are monthly nominees are eligible for the annual award. Nominees must work in the division and excel in behaviors attributed to one or more of the standards identified in the Service with Distinction model.

Johnson and Bulaya were nominated by Pam King, who in her nomination form wrote:

"Last week, a student registered with AES had a seizure in the IT building (around 3 p.m.). The two CFS employees noticed that something was wrong with the student, helped her down to the ground and called the EMTs. The student was unresponsive."

"The student's mother called to let us know that she could not be happier. Her daughter could have hurt herself if allowed to fall during the seizure," King continued. "The quick action of the two CFS employees thwarted such an event. The daughter was escorted to the hospital. The mother said she was so thankful that two IUPUI employees took quick action and were not afraid of her daughter's seizure. Hats off to Terry and Winnie. Thank you for caring for the student as if she were a child of your own! This is what makes IUPUI a great place to work and learn!"

The Service with Distinction model serves as a tool for the campus to shape a culture that ensures that all customers experience a high level of service in every interaction they have with the campus community. It is designed to help IUPUI recruit and retain employees who represent the standards established through the program.

The division welcomes nominations from the campus community identifying Finance and Administration employees exhibiting Service with Distinction.

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