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Flu vaccines are here and free to IUPUI faculty, staff and students

October 25, 2016

All IUPUI faculty, staff and students may receive a free flu vaccine at Campus Health in Coleman Hall or one of the Campus Health Flu Vaccine Outreach Clinics. Students may also visit Campus Center Student Health (CCSH) to get a flu shot. See the flu clinic calendars below for October and November.

An IUPUI ID is required to receive a free vaccine. Students should bring their insurance card but will be able to get a free flu shot regardless of whether they have their insurance card with them. Individuals with egg allergies may get a flu shot that is egg-free. Please ask for it at Campus Health in Coleman Hall or at CCSH.

If you prefer to get a flu vaccine from your physician or at a retail clinic (e.g., Minute, Little, Take Care, Walgreens clinics), you may do so. Flu vaccines are free if you go to a provider that is in your insurance network.

For those individuals required to get a flu vaccine because they see patients in an IU-affiliated teaching hospital or have an office in an IU-affiliated teaching hospital, the deadline for obtaining a vaccine is Nov. 10. If you are required to get a flu vaccine and get it someplace other than IUPUI Campus Health or one of its clinics, you will be responsible for forwarding a legible copy of the documentation of your vaccine to Campus Health at healthsv@iupui.edu.  

October flu vaccine schedule

November flu vaccine clinics


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