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Trainers join clients in preparation for 5K race

November 1, 2016

Thousands of runners will compete in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Saturday, but members of the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management will have their eye on 20 in particular -- their Pounce the Pavement trainees competing in the five-kilometer race.

Pounce the Pavement was introduced this fall as part of PETM's "150 Days of Impact" initiative.

"We were brainstorming ideas about our 150th-anniversary celebration, and a lot of the celebration is right around the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon this year," said Rachel Swinford, clinical assistant professor at PETM and the instructor for students participating in Pounce the Pavement. "We brought up the idea of what would happen if we did a running program with our students.

"It's a higher-level class for exercise science and fitness management students. If any of the honors students in the class are interested in participating in an eight-week program, they meet once a week, one-on-one, and train with an adult who's interested in running the 5K."

Fitness trainers are running with clients to prepare for a 5K race.

Students in the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management are training runners for the 5K race in the Monumental Marathon this week, running with them as they prepare.

That little brainstorming idea grew beyond what Swinford initially expected and, with so many members of the campus community keen on joining the program, she extended the opportunity to all of the students in her class. Now 20 duos of students paired with faculty, staff or PETM alumni are training together in the two months leading up to the race.

At the beginning of their journey, students outlined regimens to help trainees develop the stamina and speed to complete five kilometers. While some are looking to improve their race times, most trainees -- and some students -- are novice runners.

A training plan for one client, whose goal is to do a combination run/walk in the 5K, includes runs ranging from just under two miles to three-and-a-half, workouts of walking for up to an hour, interval training and regular rest days. There are also periodic time trials to monitor trainees' endurance progress.

Students are asked to run with their clients, learning not only how various people respond to the plans, but also what it takes to complete the program themselves.

"From an educational standpoint, they realize the difference in understanding how to design a program compared to actually implementing a program," said Swinford. "They learn the individuality aspect of training and how everyone is different. We have 20 different teams, so we have 20 different running programs. No two are the same."

Those behind Pounce the Pavement hope to spark a lifelong commitment to healthy activity.

"I hope that (trainees) would have the confidence to be able to keep training for and running 5Ks on their own," Swinford said. "That's what it's really about, teaching people how to move more and be more physically active. A lot of times we hear the number-one reason people don't work out is because they don't have enough time. The second reason is because they don't know what to do."Save

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