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Winter weather tips: Penguins, de-icers and more

January 31, 2017

You already have an emergency kit at work, right? IU's emergency management and continuity staff urge that these kits (blankets, flashlights, snacks) should be on hand year-round -- but especially now.

snow scene

Keeping an emergency kit on hand is extremely important during the winter, when potentially hazardous weather conditions could strike. | PHOTO BY LIZ KAYE, IU COMMUNICATIONS

And, for good measure, pick up a de-icer to keep in your bag or briefcase in case your vehicle locks freeze while you're hard at work. And, did you know door locks on apartments and homes can freeze up, too? 

Here are some other tips that can help take the wind out of potentially dangerous winter weather:

  • Walk like a penguin. On ice and snow, where footing can be perilous, improve your chances of remaining upright by taking smaller steps with your feet pointed outward and try to keep your hands free to help with balance.
  • Get your kit together. If you don't have an emergency kit at work and in your car, start putting one together by scavenging at home and throwing items into a backpack.
  • Dress for the weather. Vehicles can break down, and weather conditions in Indiana change rapidly, so it's important to dress for the day's weather. Weather apps can put expected weather conditions at your fingertips. Consider keeping an extra hat and gloves in your backpack. You can receive campus-specific weather information on Twitter.
  • Travel with care. When roads are slick, police urge drivers to slow down, avoid tailgating and give themselves extra space to brake and extra time to get to appointments. You can check travel conditions on some highways using this Indiana Department of Transportation websiteTravel advisories can be found here.
  • Keep your cell phone charged. And charge up your backup battery, too.

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