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Free health screenings for full-time faculty and staff include cash incentive

February 14, 2017

All full-time IU faculty and staff -- and their spouses -- on an IU medical plan are eligible for one free on-campus health screening per fiscal year, July 1 to June 9, which includes an incentive to participate. 

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Healthy IU organizes the health screenings on all IU campuses. | PHOTO COURTESY OF HEALTHY IU

Those who partake in the annual health screening are eligible for a $100 (before tax) incentive. The offer also extends to spouses on an IU medical plan.

Participants are administered a standard health screening to measure vital biometrics such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels and body mass index. If the screening is performed at your campus health center, there is no cost.

"Health screenings are an indication of where you're at, kind of like checking your reflection in a mirror," said Patty Hollingsworth, the director of Healthy IU. "They give you a picture of your health, so you can set better goals and have a clearer path to achieving them."

To schedule an on-campus screening at IUPUI, call your campus health center. Those who are eligible for the health screening can also visit their primary care provider and still get the incentive. 

Upon completion of the screening, employees will receive the cash incentive in their paycheck. If a spouse completes the screening, their incentive will also show up in the employee’s paycheck. The $100 incentive is taxed as supplementary pay, per IRS rules, so it is taxed at a higher rate. Please allow up to 60 days for processing the incentive.

Visit the Healthy IU page for more details. 

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