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Health & Wellness

  • Chiba Ene and family

    Match Day

    More than 300 fourth-year medical students participated in Match Day, where they learned where they will spend the next several years in residency.

  • Cancer grant

    Two IU researchers have been awarded $3.2 million to develop and improve therapies for pancreatic cancer.

  • Healthy hearts

    Richard Kovacs tested every player at the NFL Scouting Combine as part of a research effort.

  • 'Sound Medicine'

    On 'Sound Medicine': Healthy soldiers, the latest cardiac innovations, and adult ADHD.

  • Fish oil benefits

    Fish oil may protect dialysis patients from sudden cardiac death, a new study by Allon Friedman finds.

  • Schedule a free test

    IUPUI Health Services offers free wellness screenings, as well as free tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Mary Kay grant

    Researcher John Turchi will receive $100,000 from the Mary Kay Foundation to support treatment of ovarian cancer.

  • Flu season

    With the arrival in full force of flu season, take steps to avoid getting this nasty bug.

  • Affordable Care Act

    The IU School of Medicine's Diversity Week Speakers Series kicks off with a lecture by Harvard's Dr. Leroi Hicks.

  • Oral health

    A new Journal of Dental Education article, co-written by Karen Yoder, examines a model for student involvement in oral health care advocacy.