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Celebrating 10 years of success

August 30, 2016

The program is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

One of the most productive student success programs at IUPUI is celebrating a milestone: its 10th year of service.

The Life-Health Sciences Internship Program exposes students from a wide range of schools and disciplines to the possibilities of careers in research, the value of refining skills and knowledge in the sciences and the opportunities that exist in health care.

The program will officially recognize its milestone at the Life-Health Sciences Internship Program Poster Session and 10-Year Celebration April 28, 2017, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the University Tower Ballroom. The program is also recognized in the IUPUI blog IUPUIntelligence.

Mohammad Aref

Mohammad Aref, right, was an LHSI intern in 2011-12.

LHSI director Brandi Gilbert has been with the program throughout its history and said 532 students have experienced the impact of the close relationships it forges between students and their faculty mentors. That includes the 2016-17 students, each of whom will work 10 hours a week over the school year.

"LHSI helps students explore career goals, to build skills that are transferable and specific to the fields that interest them, to build relationships with others, and to grow as a professional," Gilbert said.

The LHSI began in 2007 and allows students to spend a year working closely with a faculty mentor. They work as interns during their sophomore or junior years, which Gilbert said helps the campus achieve its student success and retention goals.

Jessica McMindes

Jessica McMindes, third from left, was an LHSI intern in 2012-13.

In 2011, the program launched a new component: intern ambassadors. The ambassadors draw on their personal experiences to help LHSI refine its efforts and also to answer questions from prospective students who want to learn more about the program.

The program's Facebook page is filled with insights and comments highlighting LHSI's impact on individual careers. And interns who have completed the program offer plenty of testimonials.

Kami Walters

Kami Walters, facing the camera, was an LHSI intern in 2013-14.

Mohammad Walid Aref, 2011-12: "Dr. (Matt) Allen mentored me throughout my internship, and I'm still working with him now that I am part of the Medical Scientist Training Program," said Aref. He credits Allen's support as pivotal in his career. "LHSI is a golden opportunity for any curious, hardworking IUPUI student," he added.

Jessica McMindes, 2012-13: "The most valuable thing I've taken away is how to direct myself career-wise," she said. "LHSI is a great way to get a foot in the door for whatever career you wish to pursue. How many kids actively work one-on-one with their professors or mentors? Sometimes, you just need someone who has done it before to help guide you."

Kami Walters, 2013-14: "The internship was perhaps the most influential program I was part of in college," she said. An internship at Eskenazi Health Hospital helping treat patients with schizophrenia was a life-changer: "I never imagined I would have that kind of hands-on experience so young; I was only 18 when I started. LHSI helped form my professional identity."

Emily Atkinson

Emily Atkinson, left, was an LHSI intern in 2014-15.

Emily Atkinson, 2014-15: Atkinson considers LHSI "the most successful achievement of my undergrad career. I had no experience in the field when I started, and I left with co-authorship on two scientific abstracts." Now, a year later, she has written or helped write scientific papers, abstracts and papers, including one she will present in September at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Conference. Atkinson was nominated for Indiana's Intern of the Year honor.Save

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