Editor's Picks


  • $1 million for research at IU

    Past projects helped researchers earn over $88 million in additional funding.

  • Intercultural Communication

    Newcomers to Indianapolis are finding help from International Center for Intercultural Communication.

  • Aging research

    Experts in the Center for Aging Research are working with partners on campus and in the community to improve health care for older adults.

  • Surveys support RISE

    Surveys show IUPUI students are big believers in the benefits of transformative learning.

  • New D.A.R.E.

    Research and its role in drug abuse prevention are the focus in the upcoming TRIP keynote speech.

  • Transformative teaching

    The RISE program exposes students to four key elements: research, international travel and study, service learning and experiential learning.

  • Innovation to Enterprise

    Discover how IUPUI turns research into reality Nov. 20 at the Campus Center Theater.

  • Battling PTSD

    A faculty startup company is the recent recipient of a $692,706 grant from the National Institutes of Health.

  • Prestigious honor

    The IU Simon Cancer Center has earned national recognition and a five-year, $7.8 million support grant.

  • Fresh facility

    The newly dedicated IU Neuroscience Research Building houses one of the nation's pre-eminent neuroscience research enterprises.

  • Making a difference

    Criminal justice students are learning from prison inmates' backgrounds and experiences.

  • 'Civic deficit'

    The Center for Civic Literacy will host a national conference in Indianapolis to discuss what citizens need to know to succeed in the 21st century.

  • Making a difference

    IUPUI's Signature Centers Initiative will fund centers dedicated to research, one on diabetes and one on kidney disease.

  • Start me up

    IUPUI's Innovation-to-Enterprise Initiative has increased the number of faculty inventions, patents and start-up business concepts.

  • Scientific approach

    Gifts to IU from fundraising executive Robert Hartsook will help nonprofits integrate research into their fundraising efforts.

  • Trailblazers

    Meet the two winners of the 2014 Research Frontiers Trailblazer Awards.

  • Future of research

    Provide input on the campus strategic plan by attending three town hall meetings in April.

  • Equity in education

    An IUPUI professor has contributed to a new book on inclusive learning environments at urban schools.

  • Science fellowships

    Students have the opportunity to conduct research in the Illinois and Ohio River valleys.

  • New consortium

    IU is launching the Consortium for the Study of Religion, Ethics and Society, which could involve hundreds of faculty members from numerous campuses.