Editor's Picks


  • Rockefeller Foundation

    IUPUI professor William Schneider provides background on the philanthropic group, as it announces a new $100 million challenge.

  • Summertime research

    The IUPUI Center for Research and Learning is preparing to launch nine summer undergraduate research programs.

  • From IUPUI to D.C.

    Earth sciences professor Gabriel Filippelli has been named to an advisory position with the U.S. Department of State.

  • Mythological inspiration

    Susan Clare is pursuing research inspired by Greek mythology to vanquish breast cancer.

  • Research Report

    IUPUI's Vice Chancellor for Research Kody Varahramyan presents the IUPUI Annual Research Report for Fiscal Year 2012.

  • Honors College Showcase

    At Friday's Honors College Showcase, talented students will share their activities and accomplishments with the campus and the wider community.

  • Cancer Research Day

    The IU Simon Cancer Center is now accepting abstracts for posters to be presented at Cancer Research Day.

  • Keynote speaker

    Loren Field, professor of medicine and pediatrics at the IU School of Medicine, will deliver the keynote speech at IUPUI's Research Day.

  • Summer danger

    An IUPUI researcher shows that children living in urban areas are exposed every summer to a silent and invisible toxin that can have serious health consequences.

  • Research Day

    IUPUI's fifth annual Research Day imagines the future.

  • Ancient coins

    An IUPUI-led expedition seeks the source of thousand-year-old coins in Aboriginal Australia.

  • Blood-alcohol test

    An IU researcher has earned a grant to study whether a blood test can detect heavy drinking.

  • Angel Mounds project

    IU has received an NSF grant to engage in research at the Angel Mounds historic site.

  • New TRIP award

    Submit your nomination for the Bantz-Petronio Translating Research into Practice Award.

  • Summer research

    The IU Simon Cancer Center seeks high school, college applicants for the 2013 Summer Research Program.

  • Fighting ocular melanoma

    Assistant professor of ophthalmology Timothy Corson has become the first IU researcher to receive funding from Outrun the Sun, for ocular melanoma research.

  • National scholar

    Associate professor of physics Yogesh Joglekar has been named one of eight national scholars in theoretical physics.

  • NSF workshop

    IUPUI and the National Science Foundation will host a free workshop Feb. 4 on the foundation's proposal process, among other topics. Registration is due late January.