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New initiative offers students a career advantage

August 16, 2016

Students and staff looking for a little help pursuing career advancement are finding it in IU's Career EDGE initiative, short for Exploration, Development, Graduation and Employment.

EDGE is part of a university-wide effort to support student success, said Rebecca Torstrick, IU's assistant vice president for university academic and regional campus affairs and director of the Office of Completion and Student Success.

"Students enter college with different levels of awareness of the career options that await them," Torstrick observed. "Some think they know the career they want, only to find out in the classroom that it doesn't hold their interest. Others find a field interesting but aren't sure how to turn it into a career path."

To help them along the way, the university has created EDGE modules designed to help students explore the options that might exist. EDGE has been providing pilot services for the past year, relying on faculty to embed the modules in the classes they teach.

While faculty play a key role in EDGE, academic and career advisors in schools at IUPUI and other IU campuses are also finding the modules helpful.

"The modules are providing an online resource for students to navigate their way to success," Torstrick said. The modules are available online to help with a wide range of services, from crafting an effective resume to learning effective networking to helping plan a job or career search.

There are currently five modules within the initiative, all available in Canvas:

  • You and your options
  • Parallel planning
  • Networking
  • Your resume
  • Making an impression

"When students want to know something, where do they turn?" Torstrick asked. "Like most of us, they whip out a cell phone and look it up. EDGE is a way to make that type of knowledge readily available and allow students to reuse the information as new opportunities or new goals emerge."

Students aren't the only ones who can use EDGE to help find career success. The information can also prove useful for faculty seeking to broaden their career path, or for employees who would like to find a new challenge to improve their professional lives.

"EDGE resources are available to help people from all walks of life to identify jobs that will help them take the next step," Torstrick said.

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