Editor's Picks


  • Taking history digital

    Faculty and students have created a project to digitally preserve Indianapolis' oldest African-American church, which closed last year.

  • (Online) safety first

    Learn these simple tips now in order to avoid frustrating file losses in the future.

  • Cybersecurity

    Brad Wheeler, IU vice president for information technology and CIO, describes new measures to keep your personal data safe from cybercriminals.

  • Active learning

    The Mosaic Active Learning Initiative at IUPUI engages students with the learning environment that fits their style.

  • Getting a career EDGE

    EDGE modules provide career advancement support for students and employees.

  • Ultrasound philanthropy

    An alumnus turned to Kelley business students to help his company make a difference in the world.

  • The power of information

    Experts from The Polis Center are powering a community effort to use data to solve problems.

  • New tools in the quest for knowledge

    New technologies represent a big leap in the discovery and analysis of proteins in the battle against disease.

  • New channel puts gaming in online spotlight

    School of Informatics lecturer Mat Powers and author John Green are part of an effort to explore YouTube's educational potential.

  • Mentoring support

    The Mentoring Academy gives faculty a better chance to succeed.

  • ScholarWorks

    The online repository provides access to IUPUI knowledge to inquiring minds around the world.

  • Global connectivity

    Students use CN Post to connect with classmates within a course, instructors and even learners taking similar courses globally.

  • Making public records open

    Four local mayors visited Herron's Think It Make It Lab in November to collaborate on an open-data project.

  • Wait for the signal

    New traffic-control system on campus will focus on pedestrian safety.

  • STEM education

    Conference to help improve media coverage of diversity efforts.

  • Print vendor becoming campus partner

    IUPUI print vendor celebrates its first year of helping campus units reach their goals.

  • Early STEM education

    Center for Young Children preschoolers will explore new worlds this fall in a new STEM program.

  • Dream cars

    Visit the IMA during this exhibit to design your own dream car on an app created by informatics students.

  • Ultra-light vehicle

    A School of Engineering and Technology faculty member and his students won the $60,000 grand prize in a competition to design a safe ultra-light vehicle.

  • Ready to race

    IUPUI teams hope to earn four spots in the 33-cart field in the April 25 Purdue Grand Prix.