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Staff Matter!

January 15, 2013

The ongoing activity and progress toward the conversion of the University Place Hotel and Conference Center into a multi-use facility that includes classrooms (Hine Hall), student housing (The Tower), and a dining hall has involved many people, but mostly staff. It is a prominent reminder that IUPUI’s dedicated staff is chief among its assets and strengths.

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz

Between November 30, 2012, when the hotel closed, and January 7, 2013, when Hine Hall admitted its first students, Campus Facilities Services staff and other staff members achieved the conversion of the former conference center into 18,000 square feet of classroom space. Staff continue to work on getting the facility reading for 560 students who will live in the residence hall, formerly the hotel. A dining hall will open too, thanks to the Food Services staff. When the students arrive, their living/learning experiences will be overseen by staff of the Division of Student Life. These dedicated employees have been working together for months in cross-functional teams to plan and implement the conversion, a herculean task!

Attracting and keeping employees like them -- people who are committed to advancing the campus mission in all the work they do -- is why we appointed a special Task Force on Staff Talent at IUPUI, cochaired by Sue Herrell and Lee Stone, former and current presidents of the Staff Council. As part of formulating the new IUPUI Strategic Plan, their charge is to (1) identify current initiatives, best practices, and future trends related to staff development; and (2) make specific recommendations that can foster IUPUI’s ability to find, retain, and develop its staff talent.  

To do their work effectively, they need staff input and involvement from across campus. Below is a list of questions the task force is considering as it frames its discussions.

  • What can IUPUI do to become the employer of choice in central Indiana?
  • What roles do IUPUI staff members play in support of the campus mission?
  • What can IUPUI do to provide enhanced opportunities for professional growth and development for its staff?
  • What improvements can we make in our processes and policies with respect to staff at IUPUI?
  • What can we do to promote work-life balance for staff?
  • What additional support do current administrators need to provide best practice leadership and support for our staff?
  • How can we use mentoring and other approaches to provide an inclusive, supportive environment for staff?
  • What do we need to do to better identify and develop future administrative leadership talent from within our staff workforce?
  • How can we assure that staff maximize their potential for professional development and advancement at IUPUI?

I invite you to share your thoughts on these questions. To request a planning presentation or conversation in your school, unit, or organization, please submit a request to plan2025@iupui.edu.

Comments? Write chancllr@iupui.edu or plan2025@iupui.edu or visit http://strategicplan.iupui.edu/.

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