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Rewarding Excellence

February 5, 2013

Whether IUPUI has a reward and recognition system that is in sync with our high expectations is a question that has come up often in our Vision 2025 strategic planning discussions. We value civic engagement, but do we recognize it appropriately? We value research and teaching, but do we provide the right incentives for excellence? Do we provide the right incentives at the right time as faculty members progress through their careers at IUPUI?

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz

For IUPUI to be successful, our faculty must know that their work is contributing to our mission, to their discipline, to knowledge in general, to their students’ learning and to the broader society. Faculty must balance all these expectations, with greater or lesser emphasis from time to time, depending on their career arc and the reward system. As part of planning for our future, IUPUI must make sure that we are well-positioned to attract, develop, retain, support, reward and advance our faculty consistent with campus, school, department and disciplinary goals. Failure to do that will result in confusion about goals, personal disappointment and collective low morale -- thus limiting what we can achieve together.

The Vision 2025 Task Force on Faculty Talent, co-chaired by Mary Fisher and Marianne Wokeck, is charged with: (1) identifying current initiatives, best practices and future trends related to faculty roles, rewards, recognition and development; and (2) making specific recommendations that can foster IUPUI’s ability to find, keep and motivate its faculty talent.

If you follow this link, you will find a list of questions they have under consideration as they frame their discussions. I invite you to share your thoughts on the issues they have posed.

Comments? Write chancllr@iupui.edu or plan2025@iupui.edu or visit http://strategicplan.iupui.edu/.

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