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Model for Collaboration

February 12, 2013

Members of the Consortium for Urban Education Academic Deans (CUE Deans) shared thoughts recently with members of the Strategic Planning Committee about Vision 2025 in our ongoing effort to consult with both campus and community stakeholders about what’s best for our future and the future of Indianapolis. There’s a strong perception that all the Indianapolis-area institutions of higher education will need to work together more creatively in the future, and that IUPUI has a critical role to play.

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz

IUPUI has long been a member of the Consortium for Urban Education -- along with Butler University, Franklin College, Marian University, Martin University, Ivy Tech Community College–Central Indiana and the University of Indianapolis. Representatives of these member institutions in the Indianapolis area get together regularly to share information and collaborate on issues.

For example, through a special arrangement known as cross-registration, undergraduate students are given the opportunity to enroll in undergraduate courses at other CUE institutions that are not available at their home institution and receive credit at their home institution upon successful completion of the course. There are also IUPUI’s collaborative engineering program agreements with Butler and Marian. These are just two instances where interinstitutional collaboration has yielded benefits for area students, but many more have emerged from the CUE Deans association over the years. Thus, their view on the future is an important one for us to take into account in our planning.

The CUE Deans offered other possibilities for interinstitutional partnerships: expanding faculty research collaborations, undergraduate research opportunities, health-life science internships, professional development, cultural exchanges -- even course exchanges designed to strengthen exposure to diverse perceptions. Their thinking is this: if IUPUI is strong, and if our partnerships are strong, everyone benefits more from interinstitutional collaboration than from competition.

Does your work offer you opportunities to collaborate with other institutions of higher education in central Indiana? What possibilities do you see for enhancing IUPUI’s partnerships with CUE member institutions in your area of work? How do we better communicate with the community both our willingness to engage in collaboration and opportunities for doing so?

Comments? Write chancllr@iupui.edu or plan2025@iupui.edu or visit http://strategicplan.iupui.edu/.

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