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Engaging for Student Success

February 26, 2013

Strategic Initiative 8 in the Vision 2025 planning process is: “Promote Undergraduate Student Learning and Success.” This must be at the core of what we do. We should apply our best thinking in order to have the greatest impact on student persistence to degree completion and success after graduation. We have made progress in increasing our student retention rates, and we have increased our six-year graduation rate dramatically, but we still lag behind our peers in timely graduation. And we need to know more about how well they succeed after graduation.

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz

Our progress depends on our culture of evidence-based practice and program assessment. We continue to invest in what works. One example is “The Ideas Solving Social and Economic Challenges (ISSEC)” competition taking place this week to reward IUPUI students for their innovative ideas to solve social and economic challenges facing the nation and the world. The 1st place prize winner receives $2,500.

IUPUI students -- individuals or teams -- are asked to come up with original solutions to pressing social problems or propose ideas for innovative new products or new ventures that could contribute to society. The ISSEC competition, sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, provides students with valuable experiences: how to convey ideas briefly and effectively and convince potential investors, partners, or supporters that their research or idea has potential for development. The judges are volunteers from the local business community.

These are the skills employers tell us they want from our graduates. We must ensure all our graduates have the preparation to transition successfully to their next step -- whether it is work, graduate school or professional education.

What resources, policies and practices do we need to put into play to expand experiential learning at IUPUI?             

 Comments? Write chancllr@iupui.edu or plan2025@iupui.edu or visit http://strategicplan.iupui.edu/.

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