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From the Desk of the Chancellor

IUPUI Chancellor’s Professors honored

May 7, 2013

The IUPUI Chancellor’s Professors are impressive scholars, recognized for superb teaching, and devoted to improving their discipline, school, and the campus. 

By recognizing Aśok Antony of the School of Medicine, Jonathan Eller of the School of Liberal Arts, Department of English and Marjorie Lyles of the School of Business, we continue the tradition.  

Professor Antony has both done research on the folate deficiency -- or a lack of folic acid in one’s diet -- and applied that research in the field to prevent its devastating congenital defects, particularly in India.

Professor Eller is the world’s leading scholar of Ray Bradbury and is a preeminent editor of modern literature. 

Professor Lyles is a leading scholar on international business, has led numerous study-abroad experiences for our students, and is a pioneer in building our partnership with Sun Yat-sen University.

My thanks to them for their leadership in research, teaching and service. IUPUI is a better community because of your contributions.

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