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Home Stretch Fund

July 9, 2013

This year IUPUI received $1,403,334 based on the state appropriation performance funding formula for At-Risk Degree Completion. We know that financial need is a barrier to students completing their degree programs, so we will use this funding to help students “get to the finish line. “One program we are creating with this new funding is the new Home Stretch Fund.

The Home Stretch Fund will provide an incentive to students in their fourth or fifth year of study at IUPUI to complete a bachelor’s degree ASAP.  Some students exhaust their state grant eligibility because it is limited to eight semesters. The Home Stretch Fund will enable students with demonstrated financial need to complete their degrees, provided they are willing to sign an agreement to remain in school full-time.

The Office of Student Financial Services will send the Home Stretch Program application to a target group of students in their fourth or fifth year of study who have a minimum of 90 credits, a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA, and who can demonstrate financial need. The Home Stretch Application will have a priority date and application deadline that will allow students to meet with academic advisors to develop a plan to graduate within one to two full-time semesters.

The program works by providing students a new institutional loan (Miller Loan for those with 2.75 or higher cumulative GPA) or Perkins Loan (those with 2.0 to 2.75 cumulative GPA) with the understanding that once students complete the academic plan for degree completion, the Home Stretch Program will provide funds to replace the original Miller or Perkins Loan.

For more information about the Home Stretch Fund and other scholarships, contact escholar@iupui.edu or visit the Office of Student Scholarships website.

Comments?  Write chancllr@iupui.edu.

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