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Facility to be named after first chancellor Maynard K. Hine

August 6, 2013

Chancellor Maynard K. Hine

Chancellor Maynard K. Hine

When the trustees of Indiana University and Purdue University voted to merge both universities’ operations in Indianapolis, January 1969, Maynard K. Hine, the newly appointed chancellor of the short-lived IU-I (Indiana University-Indianapolis), had the job to make the merger work. On August 8, we will honor that effort with the dedication of Maynard K. Hine Hall, formerly the University Place Conference Center, and now the campus’s newest facility for serving its students. I hope Chancellor Hine, who passed away in 1996, would have been pleased with that.

Chancellor Hine began a State of the Campus Address speech he gave in 1973 with a story of encountering an old friend in an elevator at an out-of-town conference. The acquaintance asked, “Well, Dean Hine, what are you doing these days?” “I have a different job,” he answered, “I’m chancellor of IUPUI.” His friend’s reply was, “What is IUPUI?” As might be expected, and as many of us continue to experience, Chancellor Hine wasn’t able to give his old friend a complete answer during the remainder of the mutual elevator ride.

As the speech goes on, Chancellor Hine says, “What has emerged from the merger, we believe, is a more effective, more efficient organization for providing high quality, university-level programs of instruction, research, and public service. . . We now have at IUPUI a growing, evolving system of public higher education that is assuming its own distinctive identity.”

Chancellor Hine goes on to hint at some of the difficulties of his new job: “IUPUI is a product of geography and demography. It is in the process of becoming a distinctive entity. This is a spontaneous, unpredictable, even mysterious process that takes place over time and under changing circumstances.” This process, he said, is one that “cannot be force-fed or implemented by directives.”

Hine Hall

Hine Hall

“What is IUPUI?” In that 1973 speech, Chancellor Hine answers it this way: “It consists of many things—people, buildings, equipment, programs, ideas, and skills. Most important, I believe is the synergistic aspect. Unification provides many benefits that could not be achieved individually. The central theme is cooperation.”

And his prediction for the future? “As IUPUI grows and changes, finding its special identity, a truly comprehensive, accessible, flexible, and urban institution of higher learning will develop to serve its region and state with rising distinction.”

And so we have … Chancellor Hine was right. He got us off to a great start, and we are proud to honor him and, in doing so, honor our unique history with this week’s dedication of Hine Hall. 

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