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Senior Academy Anniversary

September 24, 2013

The IUPUI Senior Academy was launched in 1993 as part of IUPUI’s 25th anniversary. This group of retired faculty and staff volunteer their time for campus events and get together for social events. They support the Senior Academy Scholarship and established the “Last Lecture,” an opportunity to hear reflections on life’s lessons and meaning from a retired or current IUPUI colleague (http://www.iupui.edu/lastlecture/rsvp.html). I was pleased to be on hand at their anniversary event this past Friday, when they awarded the Bepko Community Medallion to Craig Brater, M.D., who retired this year as dean of the IU School of Medicine.

The Senior Academy links our future to our past in a special way that no other part of our university community can.  Its members see themselves as much a part of our future as they were of our past.  They do not close a door on their experience of IUPUI; instead, they carry it across the threshold of retirement to a new type of engagement, putting their skills, talents, and energies to work as volunteers and standard-bearers for IUPUI.

Having been deeply involved in IUPUI’s progress as employees, they remain engaged with the campus as retirees, bringing perspective and experience to the issues we face today, including the development of Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond: IUPUI Strategic Plan.

The creation and development of the Senior Academy was the result of committed leadership, beginning with cofounders Executive Vice Chancellor Emeritus William Plater and Dean Emerita Carol Nathan, and succeeded by current President Walt Linne and his predecessors.     On behalf of IUPUI, I thank all of you who have joined and been active with the IUPUI Senior Academy for the past two decades.  Well done!

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