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November 19, 2013

Today, we dedicate the new Science and Engineering Laboratory Building at IUPUI, but it’s worth remembering that 20 years and 17 days ago, there was another dedication ceremony at IUPUI, even more historic. It was the dedication of the Science, Engineering, and Technology Complex at IUPUI, a three-phase project that moved our Purdue schools from their location six miles north of here on 38th Street to what was then known as the Michigan Street or Main Campus.

At the dedication ceremony in November 1993, then Chancellor Jerry Bepko called the SET Complex “the culmination of a dream as old as the campus itself.” And he was not exaggerating.

In Maynard Hine’s inaugural State of the Campus address, as IUPUI’s first chancellor, he said that the building of a new science, engineering, and technology building was a “high priority” for the campus. In submitting a request to the General Assembly in 1971 for such a building, Chancellor Hine said, among the “harbingers of the future shape and substance of IUPUI” arising from faculty discussions at the time, were “plans and proposals for cooperative ventures by engineering and health scientists.”

The Science, Engineering, and Technology Complex took 25 years to realize the dreams of those faculty, but when it did, their long-envisioned cross-disciplinary collaborations were not far behind. Today, as we dedicate the Science and Engineering Laboratory Building, we see the future, a place to grow those cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovations and to provide facilities that are in step with the research needs of today.

Today, more than ever, collaboration is at the heart of discovery. When you bring people into proximity with each other, ideas spark, collaborations flourish, complex issues get studied, and confounding problems get solved. IUPUI’s Cyberlab—led by Professor Ali Jafari—symbolizes innovation and translating research into practice and will be located in the new building. Professor Jafari and his students have created one new software innovation after another. And the benefits of one, Angel Learning, contributed to making our newest building possible!

My thanks to all those who dreamed big for IUPUI, past and present, and created the spirit of this place, the Science and Engineering Laboratory Building, with glass all around, like eyes opened on to the world of discovery.

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