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Diversity Report 2014

January 21, 2014

Having time to reflect crystalized what is key for IUPUI in 2014--to keep getting better. We have moved the needle on student success, with more graduates. We have an amazing team of faculty, staff, and administrators.

We are making progress. This year's diversity report demonstrates that IUPUI entering students reflect the diversity of high school students in central Indiana who are planning on going to college. Even more impressively, the percentage of IUPUI entering students who are underrepresented minority students (16%), exceeds the percentage of Indiana's college-bound underrepresented minority students (12%)-- and 40% of our new students are from outside central Indiana. 

The diversity report shows other areas of progress, such as civic engagement and senior leadership, but it also shows we are not succeeding with all of our students--as underrepresented students graduate at a lower rate than the rest of the student body. 

So we should recognize our significant progress--well detailed in the diversity report--but also resolve to continue improving by keeping focused on our goals. 

My thanks to Gary Pike and the Diversity Cabinet for all its effort in preparing the report and thanks to all who have helped IUPUI make progress and to all of you who are resolved to continue helping us improve.

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