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Cluster Conversations begin

February 25, 2014

IUPUI has a strong tradition of shared governance -- faculty, staff, and their representatives partnering with administration.

On Saturday the first three of five Cluster Conversations brought together leaders of schools and administrative units to answer the question of how their units are supporting the new IUPUI strategic plan and managing for the future. Twenty Faculty Council representatives joined these leaders for substantive discussion. Members of the Executive Committee as well as the Planning and Budgetary Affairs Committees had read in advance responses to questions they had posed earlier for the campus leaders, and they came prepared with important questions.

During the day we heard about a number of innovative strategies that are already underway or being planned to improve student success, grow research, build stronger community engagement, and, of course, manage our budgets.

My thanks to the more than 40 participants in these sessions -- I look forward to the final two conversations and to the feedback from the Faculty Council committees.

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