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Celebrating IUPUI alumni

March 4, 2014

Each year since 1973, IUPUI Alumni who have made significant contributions to their schools or the campus have been recognized with the Hine Medal. The medal is in honor of IUPUI’s first chancellor, Maynard K. Hine, long-time dean of the school of dentistry, whose contributions to his school, his profession, and the campus were stellar. 

This year I was fortunate to join IUPUI Alumni President Rob Forste in presenting the Hine Medal to Mary Ann Sullivan, Steven Tuchman and Jerome Withered. The event sparkles with accolades and good humor as each awardee is introduced by a nominator and then acknowledges the award with remarks. 

Mary Ann Sullivan (graduate of the IU Schools of Liberal Arts and Public and Environmental Affairs, IUPUI), was recognized for her service to our neighborhood (she represented downtown Indianapolis in the legislature for four years), her service to SPEA, and her leadership in education.

Steve Tuchman (JD, McKinney School of Law), was recognized for his many contributions to internationalizing IUPUI and Indianapolis (he is Honorary Counsel for Denmark), his contributions to the McKinney School, and his support of Indianapolis arts and LGBT communities.

Jerome Withered (JD, McKinney School of Law), was recognized for extensive and significant service to the McKinney School (including 13 years on the board of its alumni association), the legal profession, and the Lafayette community.  

Congratulations to each of the Hine Medalists—and thanks so much for your service. 

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