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Dean Hess Translates

March 18, 2014

IUSM Dean Jay Hess

IUSM Dean Jay Hess

In a very effective presentation, Dean and VP Jay Hess demonstrated that the rapid translation of discovery in cancer research into clinical trials has the potential to save lives.  When cancer research discovers a specific biomarker is related to a specific type of cancer then there is an opportunity to use innovative diagnostics to identify the biomarker in patients and applying new treatments through clinical trials.  The more rapid identification and application, the more likely patients will be treated successfully. 

Jay’s lecture illustrated this process with the work by Paradigm, a nonprofit corporation co-founded by Jay at the University of Michigan.  The IU School of Medicine is working with Paradigm and using this model in its innovative work treating triple negative breast cancer.  On behalf of the Center for Translating Research into Practice, my thanks to Jay for sharing his translational work with the campus.

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