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First Education Weekend

May 20, 2014

The Central Indiana Education Alliance inaugural Education Weekend drew a broad cross-section of area residents into a single focus: the need for local education to achieve world-class status.

From animated debate on the impact of Brown v. Board of Education involving a panel at Marian University to grade school children at the Fashion Mall fascinated by experimental science exhibits to a football-tossing robot, the weekend was all about learning! 

This three-day event wasn’t designed to vent problems facing education. Neither was it a self-indulgent boast of progress. Education Weekend was a time to identify challenges and acknowledge opportunities to take achievement to another level -- with emphasis on working as a unified community.

This was all about collective impact -- what we can accomplish when people assemble for a common cause. In various local venues, Central Indiana residents came out to observe the weekend and reiterate the importance of education in general -- not just pre-school through 12 or higher learning -- but rather from cradle to career. 

As convener of the Central Indiana Education Alliance, I salute the commitment of every person involved in the planning and execution of Education Weekend as well as the contributions of every participant.

Special gratitude is due for the hard work and dedication of co-chairpersons Angelique Walker-Smith, Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow and Jamal Smith. And I want to personally thank Rick Markoff for coordinating the Central Indiana Education Alliance.

Where do we go from here? We continue to engage business, government, religion, civic and community leadership in vigorous public and private dialogue with educators on myriad action-oriented issues. 

The weekend reminds us that education is priority for all of us ... all of the time!

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