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Congratulating Chancellor’s Professor

May 12, 2015

Each year as the academic year comes to a conclusion of deadlines, celebrations and commencement ceremonies, it’s my pleasure to announce the selection of new Chancellor’s Professors.

Chancellor’s Professors must make stellar contributions to learners, to the national and international research/scholarly/creative community, to our local community and to the IUPUI campus. Chancellor’s Professors must have served IUPUI for 10 or more years.

Yaobin Chen

Yaobin Chen

This year, upon the recommendation of the faculty review committee, I appointed Yaobin Chen as a Chancellor’s Professor. He has contributed to the success of this campus and its students for almost 25 years and currently serves as professor and chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI.

Yaobin is a leader in translating research into practice. His work led to the Transportation Active Safety Institute, which contributes to making vehicles and drivers safer. The institute has received significant industry support including a major grant from Toyota. The institute is only one way Yaobin has been an academic leader.

His research accomplishments include securing the school’s first grant from the National Science Foundation in 1991. Yaobin has achieved international recognition for his research interests in modeling, optimization and control of electric and hybrid vehicle systems; intelligent transportation and vehicle systems; and clean and renewable energy systems.

Yaobin’s service stretches into the broader IUPUI community where he works on numerous school, campus and university committees -- including the Council of Associate Deans for Research and the Faculty Affairs Committee. He is also the founding principal of the Chinese School at IUPUI and co-founder/president of the IUPUI Asian-Pacific Faculty/Staff Council.

We congratulate Yaobin on his well-earned distinction and look forward to his continuing counsel on matters important to the future of IUPUI. 

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