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Moving challenges

July 14, 2015

Moving is always a long story. And when it’s a long time coming, moving takes a long time to complete. Normally moving involves a long list of details and occasionally unexpected detours. Our current move includes all those iterations of “long,” so I can’t give you an extensive play-by-play description of the process, partly because it’s still in motion.  

But just to share a few notes, Sandra and I are moving from a wonderful university house to a downtown apartment a block away from the monument -- yes, Monument Circle. And since the new place is much smaller, we are shrinking the amount of stuff we plan to make the trip with us to the new space. 

The other challenge is relocating campus offices to IUPUI University Library -- first into temporary space, then into offices that are in the Payton Philanthropic Library. Most of this will be accomplished before Aug. 15, my last day as chancellor.

The move includes sorting, disposing, cherishing, questioning and moving memories of our lives that span a period of time from youth to yesterday. For me, this transition marks my new career as a researcher/scholar/learner/teacher, so the question is often, “Will this be helpful in the next career?” 

Moving is one of the times in life when nostalgia and anticipation of the future occupy the same space at the same time. So this moving is integral to my next transformation -- another time that a university has changed my life.

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