Weekly Features

From the Desk of the Chancellor

  • Model for Collaboration

    Representatives of other higher education institutions in the city view IUPUI as a model of collaboration, but think we could do a better job of communicating our willingness to engage in partnerships. Thoughts?

  • Rewarding excellence

    Does IUPUI effectively reward excellent faculty work? Do we match rewards to expectations? How can we do better?

  • Mass Transit?

    Would an expanded mass transit system in Indianapolis be a good thing for IUPUI? How would it affect your decision making on getting to and from campus?

  • Diversity Matters!

    As we celebrate MLK's legacy to American society, how can IUPUI continue our work to promote a campus climate that seeks, values, and cultivates diversity in all of its forms?

  • Staff Matter!

    What can IUPUI do to be the employer of choice in central Indiana? How can we ensure that staff maximize their potential for professional development? These are the strategic planning probe questions of the week.

  • New faculty award

    Translating research into practice is a hallmark of IUPUI, and to begin the new year, Chancellor Bantz announces the Translating Research into Practice Faculty Award, established by himself and professor Sandra Petronio.