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Rebranding effort more than a new logo, tagline

June 11, 2013

From the banners along campus streets to the new logo featured on our official Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ve probably started to see glimpses of the new IUPUI identity.

This rebranding better clarifies IUPUI’s relationship with IU, in that our campus is an IU-managed campus that offers select Purdue programs.

A new look for IUPUI

A new look for IUPUI.

In addition to the new logo (the block IU logo with “IUPUI” written either alongside or below it), all IU campuses will have the new university-wide tagline: “What matters. Where it matters.” This replaces the previous campus-specific tagline of "IUPUI. Where impact is made -- every day,” and reinforces the concept that degrees earned on any IU campus bear the same value and quality of the brand.

Within this new, shared identity, we can continue to expand upon what has kept IUPUI robust and dynamic -- and which is distinctive to us -- our urban location, history of cross-sector collaboration, and tradition of community engagement. 

Below you will find some frequently asked questions about IUPUI's rebranding. You can also check out IU's new branding website, brand.iu.edu, for more information.

What will be some of the most noticeable changes to the IUPUI brand?

The traditional IUPUI logo will be replaced by the block IU logo with “IUPUI” imprinted alongside or below. The Jaguar head will continue to be used for athletics-related communications and to represent the urban spirit of the IUPUI campus. In addition, the campus is embracing a new university-wide brand tagline, "What matters. Where it matters.” This will replace “IUPUI. Where impact is made -- every day.” 

Why is IUPUI rebranding itself?

While IU recognizes and values its relationship with Purdue, this rebranding will help clarify IUPUI’s relationship with IU as its urban campus: IUPUI is an IU-managed campus that offers select Purdue programs. (For questions specific to branding Purdue schools at IUPUI, see below.)

So, is this just a logo and tagline change?

No. The rebranding is more than just a logo or tagline change. It signifies that IU offers a quality education across all campuses. 

How does it affect students?

The rebranding reinforces the message that all campuses are part of Indiana University and that a degree earned at any of IU’s campuses across the state carries the weight of the valued IU brand.

How does it affect faculty and staff?

The rebranding will create a singular IU brand platform and a mission-driven brand tagline. Faculty and staff are encouraged to convey the “What Matters. Where it Matters.” concept, including in school or departmental communications.

What research went into the rebranding?

Current students were invited to participate in focus groups, while alumni, faculty and staff across all IU campuses participated in a survey prior to launching the rebranding. 


The Purdue presence is one of the unique aspects of IUPUI and what makes it attractive to 20% of IUPUI students. The IUPUI brand platform recognizes this fact. The Purdue presence remains in the IUPUI brand platform. The campus is still called Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. The degree the schools offer is still the Purdue University degree. Graduates are still members of the Purdue Alumni Association.

What is the official color for Purdue schools?

Purdue schools’ official color on the IUPUI campus is Purdue black only. Gold on the IUPUI campus becomes an accent color only and never appears in the official campus mark. When the schools choose to use the IUPUI campus mark in materials, they can choose to use the black-only version.

Is the official IUPUI campus mark the brand? 

No. The block IU in the IUPUI campus mark is now the visual representation of all Indiana University campuses. All campuses, schools of that campus, and units should define themselves within the campus platform through messaging. 

How do Purdue schools present themselves within the IUPUI brand platform?  

The same way they presented themselves at IUPUI in the past. Only the campus mark has been updated.

Will the Purdue schools carry the campus identity? 

Yes. The Purdue schools ladder up to the campus visual identity, and the campus ladders up to the IU visual identity standards.

Will the Purdue schools carry the IU 201 red? 

No. The Purdue schools will only use the Purdue black. The Purdue gold is only to be used as an accent color on the website and print materials. The Purdue school signatures should be printed in black or reverse white only.

Will the Purdue schools have IUPUI in their campus signature? 

Yes. IUPUI will be the first line of the official school and all IUPUI administrative signatures. The campus carries the block IU, and so do the schools.

If you have further questions regarding the new IUPUI identity, please contact iubrand@iu.edu.

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