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Bring your ideas to the Welcoming Campus town hall

August 23, 2016

The beauty of IUPUI's grounds plays a big role in the Welcoming Campus Initiative.

The beauty of campus buildings and grounds is part of what makes IUPUI a vibrant part of the city.

Help Chancellor Nasser Paydar and IUPUI increase the forward momentum of the Welcoming Campus Initiative during a town hall meeting Sept. 7 at 9 a.m. in Campus Center 450.

The campus and community will have an opportunity to review the existing set of recommendations and to share additional ideas on what makes the campus a welcoming place, one that allows students, staff, faculty and the community to pursue dreams that IUPUI can help bring to fruition.

Chair of the Welcoming Campus Initiative Executive Committee and Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Johnson welcomes the town hall gathering.

"This initiative has already begun to generate some creative thinking and has been positively received both across the campus and within the Indianapolis community," she said. "We look forward to an intensely collaborative review process this fall that will help us to generate, refine and prioritize recommendations that will help us transform IUPUI into a destination campus for students, as well as for talented faculty and staff."

The initiative is tied to IUPUI's goals included in the strategic plan, "Our Commitment to Indiana and Beyond," especially the efforts to support student success, faculty and staff development, and community engagement.

The Welcoming Campus Initiative was launched this spring, and it has energized conversations about the campus community. The town hall is designed to define that phrase: What does a "welcoming campus" really mean to the people who work, study and teach here?

  • Is it about creating an inviting attitude for campus visitors, welcoming their interest in IUPUI schools and programs, and answering questions about the campus's role in city life?
  • Is it about building a campus environment where students feel at home, eager to pursue higher aspirations?
  • Is it a focus on physical spaces, such as grounds and buildings?
  • Or is it all of these things and more?

Students will play a big role in the initiative.

Students are part of the Welcoming Campus conversation, but so are employees, faculty members, civic leaders and the general public, all of whom have a stake in IUPUI's success.

The town hall will give faculty, staff and students an opportunity to help answer those questions, shaping the initiative and building momentum for its success.

The town hall will use the format that was successful in the "campus climate" meetings earlier this year: small groups in which people will be able to exchange insights and ideas. Those concepts will be reported back to the larger group and eventually to the organizers who are bringing the initiative to life. This conversation will help Chancellor Paydar and other campus leaders plan for the implementation of Welcoming Campus Initiative recommendations.

Those who would like to learn more about the Welcoming Campus Initiative before the town hall can check out various recommendations, the proposed timeline and the themes that emerged from Welcoming Campus task force work:

  • Creating a vibrant and inclusive student experience
  • Designing an accessible, inspiring urban campus
  • Investing in faculty and staff
  • Communicating who we are
  • Engaging and integrating with the community

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