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2016 in review

January 10, 2017

Happy new year!

While the most-frequently clicked stories in Inside IUPUI tend to skew toward those related to construction and parking, some stories rise above that metric. Following are the top stories of 2016, gauged both by clicks and by our editorial team.

Parking permits: Parking Services introduced the option of multiyear parking permits that do not have to be replaced every year. This new permit was touted as a convenience to users, and it does not lock the user into any sort of separate rates or permits. 2016-17 parking rates were also introduced.

Longest service: Two staff members who have been with the campus for more than 45 years are IUPUI's longest-serving employees: Helen Davis of the Division of Undergraduate Education and Turner James of Campus Facility Services. Davis is the director of finance and administration for the Division of Undergraduate Education, while James is a plumber on the night-and-weekend staff for CFS. 

Work on Michigan Street continues. | PHOTO BY LIZ KAYE, IU COMMUNICATIONS

Michigan Street: The conversion of Michigan Street to two-way is an ongoing project, preceded by similar changes to New York Street. Phase II of the evolution of the IUPUI campus and its two major east-west thoroughfares commenced at the beginning of November 2016, when contractors began the conversion of Michigan Street to two-way traffic. The project is expected to be completed by December 2017.

Pokemon Go: In summer, Pokemon Go was a rabid, nationwide fad, and IUPUI was no exception. Millions of people played it, searching high and low for pokestops, attaching lures, and fighting for gyms. College campuses were overrun with it. It also got a lot of people to get outside and walk around. Just make sure you look up when you're walking and catching Pokemon!

Ball Gardens has been restored to its former glory. | PHOTO BY LIZ KAYE, IU COMMUNICATIONS

Ball Gardens: The lush park area was restored and rededicated. The statue nicknamed "Flo" returned to the gardens during the work done in spring semester. Conceived in 1929, the gardens were created using a $500,000 grant from the Ball brothers of Muncie. The gardens were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1996. The restoration was completed in late spring and focused on the Ball Nurses' Sunken Garden portion.

Tobacco-Free campus: Campus guidelines were updated to include a ban on vaping. Restrictions on where people can smoke on campus were tightened, allowing smokers to light up only on city streets on campus, primarily New York and Michigan streets. Chancellor Nasser Paydar wrote a letter explaining these decisions and cited research from the Centers for Disease Control. "As a public institution of higher education and Indiana's health and life sciences campus, IUPUI bears a special responsibility in relation to health and wellness," the chancellor stated.

The Great Eight: Eight black women who studied and worked together for years walked together to receive their diplomas at IUPUI's May commencement. The women -- Jasmine Haywood, Demetrees Hutchins, Tiffany Kyser, Shannon McCullough, Nadrea Njoku, Jada Phelps Moultrie, Juhanna Rogers and Johari Shuck -- all were earning Ph.D. degrees from the IU School of Education.

Trees on Michigan Street: The conversion project led to some trees being moved and some replaced. All in all, about 150 trees were removed, but 270 new trees were added. There are also plans to add even more trees to the Michigan Street corridor once the project is finished.

North Hall preview: The new building officially opened in August 2016, but Inside IUPUI gave readers a sneak peek of North Hall in June. This photo gallery showed readers some of the rooms in the 172,000-square-foot building, including resident rooms, views of the campus from inside the building, restrooms, hallways and common spaces.

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