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Hundreds of students have benefited from the Life-Health Sciences Internship Program


September 17, 2013

The Life-Health Sciences Internship Program has been educating, engaging, and enlightening IUPUI sophomores and juniors through on-campus internship experiences since 2007.

The program serves as a connecting point between undergraduate students and faculty and staff mentors in graduate and professional programs on campus. Interns participate in paid experiential learning opportunities for up to 10 hours per week during the academic year where they explore potential career pathways, gain valuable experience, and clarify academic and career goals. Nearly 300 students participated in LHSI in the first six years of the program.

The program was originally conceived by Simon Rhodes and Doug Lees and is funded by an Indiana University Commitment to Excellence grant as a means to bridge the gap between existing first year programs and senior year experience retention and graduation efforts.

Interns meet monthly for workshops and professional development, present at a poster session, and complete an electronic portfolio to reflect on the internship. The program was designed to not only give students hands-on experience but also encourage them to reflect on the experience, make connections to classroom learning, and connect their internship work with the rest of their campus experiences.

The 50 interns per year leave the program better prepared to apply for other research, internship, and post-graduate opportunities. At least half of the interns who have graduated so far have gone on to graduate and professional school.

More information on the program and applications can be found online

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