Weekly Features


  • International House

    For 25 years, this on-campus residence has housed more than 1,000 IUPUI students from nearly 100 countries.

  • Fulfilling the promise

    A new commercial offers a peek into life as a Jaguar.

  • Becoming a Jaguar

    Enjoy Part 2 of our video series following three freshmen during their first year of college at IUPUI.

  • Welcoming campus

    Contribute your suggestions for creating a more welcoming campus.

  • A world of images

    Check out the tapestry of color and life in photos and videos taken by IUPUI students while studying abroad.

  • Partnership for sustainability

    IUPUI and Butler are in the running for a $50,000 prize to create a shared compost route.

  • A campus that cares

    OTEAM leaders offer friendship, support and tips on resources that help IUPUI students succeed.

  • Who will prevail?

    Watch last year's Regatta teams in action to see what this year's rowers will try to match in pursuit of victory.

  • Becoming a Jaguar

    Follow the lives of three freshmen as they journey through their first year of college at IUPUI. Episode 1: Move-in Day

  • Belonging

    See some of the ways students can get involved in the cultural life of the campus.