Pop quiz time! What do you remember from the chancellor's State of the Campus address?

November 8, 2016

Chancellor Nasser Paydar would easily ace the quiz. Will you? | PHOTO BY LIZ KAYE, IU COMMUNICATIONS

Everyone loves pop quizzes, right? Well, relax -- this is an open-book quiz.

If you couldn't attend Chancellor Nasser Paydar's State of the Campus address in person and also missed the live-stream, now is your chance to watch the State of the Campus video to catch up on what the rest of us learned. You can also refresh your memory if you did watch it but don't remember everything. You can even watch it while taking the quiz itself!

When you're pretty sure you are up on the details, take the State of the Campus quiz. If you get all the answers correct, you'll be entered to win a piece of IUPUI apparel. That's right -- free clothing, just for knowing what's going on at IUPUI!

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