• Art, race and space

    Artist Fred Wilson is the opening speaker for a Jan. 25 symposium on public responses to sculptures and memorials.

  • Mentor scholarship gift

    Grainger Industrial Supply has made a $10,200 donation to IUPUI's University College.

  • Tau Sigma

    IUPUI now has an honor society for transfer students. The IUPUI Chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society has inducted its first 30 members.

  • Super Bowl ad pricing

    The Super Bowl is the most-watched television event in U.S. history, drawing an estimated 111.3 million people in 2012.

  • Religion and the Internet

    Religious groups aren't capturing the hearts of the millennial generation, and the Internet is partly to blame, says Patricia Wittberg.

  • 'To live as brothers'

    The 44th annual IUPUI Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Dinner is Jan. 20 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom.

  • It's complicated

    Five IU faculty members have lent their support in defense of a recent research study of Facebook users.

  • Taking care of business

    Todd Roberson will lead a pilot program designed to share Kelley School of Business knowledge and skills with people in Kenya.

  • Leading the way

    IUPUI researchers have found Project Lead The Way participants are more likely to choose a college major in STEM fields.

  • Herron expert joins public health cause

    A Herron faculty member and artist will tackle art for a cause.