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Admissions is ahead of schedule under new director

July 19, 2016

A new academic year is approaching, which has put the Office of Undergraduate Admissions on the fast track to get students enrolled and ready to pursue success in IUPUI classrooms.

It's a particularly important time for Yohlunda Mosley, who became director of undergraduate admissions in January and is eager to see what's next in her first full academic year on campus.

Yohlunda Mosley

IUPUI's admissions director Yohlunda Mosley, left.

"We're running a little ahead of normal, which is exciting for us and good for the campus," said Mosley, who added that "point-in-cycle" data tells an interesting story about IUPUI enrollment. She said one of Chancellor Nasser Paydar's most prominent goals -- to provide increased academic opportunities for students who have been underrepresented in the past -- is on track for the 2016-17 school year.

"We are also providing more opportunities for out-of-state students who are interested in becoming part of the IUPUI family," Mosley said.

Potential success on both those fronts -- out-of-state students and underrepresented groups -- has the campus gaining ground on another of the chancellor's goals: providing new opportunities for IUPUI students to connect with students from a wide range of backgrounds.

"We want to find an abundance of ways for our students to forge ties with those with different perspectives," Mosley said. "It expands their personal, academic and professional horizons and prepares them for life once they graduate."

A traditional IUPUI strength remains a significant recruiting asset, Mosley said.

"Students and their parents still recognize the value of the internships and career connections that connect the campus and the city," she said.

Mosley came to IUPUI from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but also has experience at an urban research campus, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

"I like that type of atmosphere," she said. "It challenges me, excites me. By coming to IUPUI, I was returning to what I was familiar with. And having our offices in the Campus Center, surrounded by students everywhere you look, is wonderful."

Mosley is noticing an increase in the role of family ties in student recruitment. When parents who attended IUPUI return to check out opportunities for their children, she said, they often don't recognize the campus.

"I always like to see the look of surprise on the faces of former students and alumni who come back and see how our campus has evolved and grown," she said. "When we show them the ways we can provide their children with remarkable academic and career opportunities, they are even more amazed."

While parents may be caught off-guard, the same doesn't apply to prospective students.

"Students see what IUPUI is now, and they gravitate toward that," Mosley said. "And parents and guidance counselors are learning that we're a destination campus. Students are interested because they want to be here, and we talk a lot about that. The ability to offer two Big Ten degrees is unique; I don't know of another campus that offers that."

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