Spotlights & Profiles

Faculty & Staff Spotlights

  • Matt Jones

    The assistant director of competitive sports served as an official at the NFL Flag Football National Championship.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    The social work professor will be inducted into the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

  • Jane Schultz

    The English professor discusses being on the set for the second season of "Mercy Street," for which she serves as a full-time advisor.

  • Brooke Moreland-Williams

    IUPUI's 21st Century Scholars scholarship coordinator uses her life experiences to help students achieve their dreams.

  • Troy Brown

    A familiar face around IUPUI, the communications professional is now one of the faces of the IU brand.

  • Carolyn Gentle-Genitty

    Online expert is ready to help our campus harness the prowess of distance education.

  • Lt. Col. Tim LaBahn

    The ROTC commander enjoys equipping cadets with the skills they need to navigate military and civilian life.

  • Making a difference

    Campus-community partnerships are helping make a difference in people's lives.

  • Employee recognition

    The Chancellor's Employee Recognition Convocation celebrated achievements and service.

  • DeAirra Goss

    A former IUPUI star has a new challenge: leading women's basketball operations.

  • Andrew Hisey

    This accomplished musician and teacher has taken the baton at the IUPUI Music Academy.

  • Innovation on campus

    Innovation abounds at IUPUI, where almost 70 researchers submitted inventions to IURTC in the last fiscal year.

  • Yohlunda Mosley

    The first-year director has the Office of Undergraduate Admissions ahead of schedule.

  • A targeted approach

    A different form of treatment has been shown to eradicate certain forms of cancer.

  • Setting lofty goals

    After nearly six months on the job, the Jaguars' new athletic director enjoys sharing IUPUI's story.

  • Chris Garrison

    Creativity is her calling card, both in technology support for research and in writing fiction.

  • Chancellor's Professor

    Philip Goff knows the impact of religion on our Founding Fathers and our culture.

  • Occupational therapist honored

    IUPUI department chair earns a national organization's highest honor for his contributions.

  • Life in the blood

    Professor Hal Broxmeyer developed a process to use umbilical cord blood to treat blood and bone cancers.

  • Ready for the red carpet

    Students and faculty provided the music to help a new Indiana-based movie tell a different kind of story.