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Four questions with Jazzy

September 8, 2015

“Four questions” is a feature in Inside IUPUI where we ask various campus figures four questions about their area of expertise. Today we feature Jazzy, the newest member of IUPUI’s growing family of mascots, discussing how she will contribute to the growth of campus spirit at IUPUI.

1. How old are you?

Jaguars don’t count their age in number of years; they count their age by the number of spots they have … so I’m 2,015 spots young.

Note to self: Don’t count spots in public. Some spots should remain private.

Mascot family

Jazzy, center, has joined Jawz, left, and Jinx as part of IUPUI’s spirit mascot family. | PHOTO COURTESY OF DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS

2. Are you related to Jawz and Jinx?

Only slightly. In fact, we are very distant cousins, third cousins twice removed or something. We come from a long line of powerful jaguars, but if you ask me, I got the best genes.

3. What events will you typically attend? Will you appear often with Jawz and Jinx, or are you a solo act?

Jawz and Jinx are my two best companions, because they are the only ones who truly understand what it’s like to be a jaguar in the city and on campus. I love prowling around with those two, especially during Weeks of Welcome. There is always something fun to do, and we try to make an appearance at all of the big events together. I also go to events by myself. I will be at as many sporting events as I can, because I love the energy! I’m really excited to go to IUPUI Regatta and meet so many new faces from around the city! Anywhere I can go and make people smile is a good enough event for me.

It’s really hard to choose just one favorite place to make people happy, because I have so many. … But I really love The Jungle, where all my friends from the volleyball team and women’s basketball team play. I’m not always the most coordinated at playing sports since my big feet tend to get in the way, but watching games and cheering on IUPUI teams gets me pumped up! You’ll find me at all of our various venues where the IUPUI Jags play!

4. What excites you about being a part of our campus?

EVERYTHING! This place is my home, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am excited most about cheering on the IUPUI Jags. I know I may not be loud, but actions speak louder than words. I also get so excited to meet new students! I think some students think I’m crazy for acting so friendly all the time, but I can’t really help it. My excitement NEVER stops.

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