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Herron student Anne Bunte used lessons learned to help a local nonprofit

January 9, 2014

For Anne Bunte, serving as the development and marketing intern for Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation was a golden opportunity to put her design skills to good use for the nonprofit.

Anne Bunte

Anne Bunte

Bunte’s work, honed in the Herron School of Art and Design’s Visual Communication Design Program, included research, photography, design work and more to help the foundation stage its “Through the Looking Glass” gala. Her efforts have meant more than the Herron junior ever expected.

“I felt like I was learning every day, applying things I’ve learned in my classes to make a difference for the IBCF,” she said. “There is a different level of expectations when you’re working in the real world,” she added.

Working for the nonprofit fit with Bunte’s view of the world. “There’s a more humane edge to the work,” she said. “It was rewarding in an altruistic sense.”

Her work involved a diverse mix, including the invitation, an RSVP card, the event program and a billboard for the gala. She also has provided photographic services for various events for the foundation and the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Bunte also has helped provide social media content.

“People do judge a book by its cover, or its first impression,” Bunte said. “It is challenging to use visual arts to properly represent a business or organizations to the public.”

Her opportunity was in large part due to the IUPUI Solution Center and its efforts to build a robust series of internship opportunities for IUPUI students.

“I had no idea this program existed for students, but they provide a really wonderful service,” Bunte said. “It was amazing how quickly I got the opportunity after hearing about it.”

Teresa Bennett, who heads up the Solution Center, is happy that Bunte’s internship went well, but she isn’t surprised. IUPUI students have handled similar internship opportunities well for many campus-community partnerships.

“Internships were once seen as something extra or a volunteer activity that a student might do to learn about their field or meet people,” Bennett said. “But in today’s competitive job market, internships -- paid internships in particular -- are a necessary part of a student’s professional training and are critical to any successful career plan.”

Bunte believes that working with her bosses and co-workers at the foundation gave her a better feel for the world that awaits her after her anticipated graduation in May 2015.

“Communicating with co-workers is a wonderful opportunity to learn and to contribute, but it isn’t always something you learn in class,” Bunte said.

She admits it was occasionally disconcerting to focus so heavily on the visual feel of the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation, on behalf of those who could not see her work.

“I rely so much on my sense of eyesight, so it was an inspiration and privilege to represent those who are without sight,” Bunte said. “One of the things I think I’ve learned is that it shows the character of a person, when they work on behalf of those who can’t return the work in kind.”

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