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IU Communications intern designs new digital stickers available for iPhone users

February 21, 2017

Go to the app store, search "IU Stickers" and download the pack. | PHOTO COURTESY OF INDIANA UNIVERSITY

Hoosier iPhone users can now show their love for all things Indiana University when messaging friends and family, thanks to two new digital sticker packs created by IUPUI student Emily Wheelock.

The packs launched earlier this year and are available for free in the app store. They include a red trident, an outline of the state with a trident cutout, a candy-striped block featuring the words "Show your stripes," a stylized Jaguar, a smiley-face emoji sporting IUPUI sunglasses, and more.

Available for download to users who are running iOS 10.1 or later on their phones, the stickers can be added to iMessages, similar to emojis.

Wheelock, a senior majoring in visual communication design at the Herron School of Art and Design, created the sticker packs as part of her internship with IU Communications, home to the university's in-house advertising agency.

"Knowing that these iMessage stickers will live on well beyond my graduation is a great feeling," Wheelock said. "It definitely makes me feel like I've been able to leave a mark on the university that I've been part of for four years. It's also a great feeling knowing that I was able to help IU enter a new field. Technology is always changing, and IU's ability to keep up with it is always important. I'm really proud to be a small part of that evolution."

Before beginning the project, Wheelock said, she did quite a bit of research to better understand how the digital stickers would be used, what was possible within the confines of the system and what users enjoyed most about using such stickers.

She then worked with others on the IU Communications team to execute the project.

Creative Services director Tim Keller said the university will continue to add new stickers over time. He expects to create additional stickers to help users celebrate or recognize special and seasonal events, such as the Little 500 bicycle race on the Bloomington campus or the IUPUI Regatta.

"The goal of this release was to get these out there and gain some users, and I think in later versions you will see a lot of personality and more specialized stickers for events, sports, university culture and more," Wheelock said. "It's really exciting to think where these stickers could go in the future."

Want to get the IU stickers? Go to the app store, search "IU Stickers" and download the pack.

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