Spotlights & Profiles

Student Spotlights

  • Sarah Tanner

    "I knew that I didn't just want a desk job," says PETM student Sarah Tanner.

  • Working with trees

    Intern Greg Walker provides a link between the city and sustainability.

  • Law student part of climate conference

    Iurie Cuciuc's role as an intern with a United Nations team offered an inside view.

  • Amna Sohail

    IUPUI's Student United Way has exposed this IUPUI junior to her role as a global citizen.

  • Soccer celebrates 'Hoffar time'

    The IUPUI senior is passionate about soccer and finding the joy in the little things.

  • Jessica Bennett

    Sports management has been the right choice for the IUPUI student.

  • A life-changing internship

    "My dream has been to get into the U.N.," said Tejaswini Vavilala.

  • Overcoming homelessness

    Gillian Bundles found a place to call home at IUPUI.

  • Jason Pociask

    The ex-NFL player is exploring a career in physical therapy.

  • Planning the future

    Local sports officials chose an IUPUI team plan to help promote future Big Ten football championship games.

  • Triple threat

    Quinn, Julian and Adrian Dilley -- three of the Dilley sextuplets -- are graduating this weekend.

  • Gear Going Global

    Wesley Boone is filling a need to provide sports gear for children in undeveloped countries.

  • Academics meets politics

    IUPUI freshman political science major Eddie Barnes is running for a seat on the Indianapolis City-County Council.

  • Leah Van Antwerp

    The grad student has spent years training and traveling to prepare for a career in occupational therapy.

  • Rowing club

    More than two dozen students new to the sport have breathed life into the Jaguars Rowing Club.

  • Spring break cruise

    Nearly 20 IUPUI students will spend spring break on a cruise ship to learn about the tourism industry.

  • Global health student group

    Students across campus are collaborating to combat health challenges and improve the quality of care worldwide.

  • Karla and Mariana Lopez-Owens

    The sisters began their journey to graduate school at IUPUI in much different circumstances.

  • Environmental Law Society

    Students interested in natural resources law have found the student organization a great fit.

  • Greek life

    More than 800 IUPUI students are now a part of the campus’s growing fraternity and sorority traditions.