Spotlights & Profiles

Student Spotlights

  • Tarah Baldwin

    "I like being an advocate for those who don't always have a voice. I like to hear their stories and help them solve their problems," the law student said.

  • Jennifer Burnham

    "The snarky and funny pieces I did for were popular, and that's when I realized I had found my voice as a writer," said the senior journalism major.

  • Daisy Pham

    The Kelley School of Business student's internships helped her land a full-time position with Ernst & Young.

  • Erin Sass

    The social work senior volunteered with campus programs such as Jagathon and Paw's Pantry to help others improve their lives.

  • Katie Hines

    "It's neat to be on the 'inside' of a lot of events," said the junior Kelley School of Business student and IU Communications intern.

  • Joe Spaulding

    The School of Engineering and Technology student is one of the founders of Paw's Pantry.

  • Keegan Cooper

    The IUPUI senior and New Oxford Shakespeare student employee will perform in an upcoming production of Shakespeare's "Arden of Fevershame."

  • Anna Brenneman

    The School of Science senior is making a return trip to the Dominican Republic with Timmy Global Health over spring break.

  • Allison Scully

    The third-year dentistry student is one of 10 students in the U.S. and Canada to be selected for a national fellowship exploring dental careers.

  • Kelsey Edwards

    The senior cheerleader's four years of cheering for IUPUI have provided many fond memories for her and her grandparents.

  • Brian Rochford

    The dentistry student is gaining experience and giving back to the community at the IU Student Outreach Clinic.

  • Angelica Jaramillo

    Combining her bachelor's degree in social work with a second, accelerated degree from the IU School of Nursing was the perfect combination for the IUPUI student.

  • Sara Grimany

    The mechanical engineering student embraced the concept of change at IUPUI and looks forward to starting a new career in Texas.

  • Logan Bogard

    The graduate student and manager of IUPUI's gardens is helping the university become a key player in college campus sustainability, urban gardens and food-rescue efforts.

  • Jonathan Burns

    The third-year law student recently wrote a book based on his experiences working in Saudi Arabia for an international law firm.

  • Sarah Zajac

    The IUPUI junior has found a home in the School of Informatics and Computing and its 3-D modeling program.

  • Randi Thompson

    The IUPUI student is using the Jag Spirit Shirt to build campus spirit for the entire community.

  • Anne Bunte

    The Herron School of Art and Design student used the skills she learned in the classroom to help create the look of a local nonprofit's gala.

  • Tony Greco

    Student government has played a large role in the law student's time at IUPUI.

  • Nathanial Ross

    The IUPUI student called his time as the campus's mascot "life changing."