Spotlights & Profiles

Student Spotlights

  • Dana Hines, IUPUI

    "I've found my calling," said the doctoral student in nursing.

  • Special Mother's Day

    Theresa Benz earned a SPEA degree this year, but she also fulfilled a goal to show her four children the value of education.

  • Wonders in the environment

    "I see all fields of science as being fundamentally integrated and connected with one another," says junior Jason Walsman.

  • Chasing excellence

    Rebecca Downs made her mark in track at IUPUI, and is now making her mark at the Statehouse.

  • Top students

    Elizabeth Bourgeois and Jim Plew received the Top Female and Top Male awards at IUPUI's annual Top 100 Outstanding Students Recognition Dinner.

  • Best warrior

    IUPUI student and Army Reserve combat medic Blayne Peterson has won the title of "Best Warrior Noncommissioned Officer of the Year."

  • Physical therapy scholarship

    IUPUI's Lydia George is one of only three physical therapy professional education students in the U.S. to win a 2013 Mary McMillan Scholarship Award.

  • Philanthropy meets academia

    Turkish native Sevda Kilicalp dreams of becoming the first philanthropy scholar in Turkey.

  • Formula for success

    Eric Keller is making his mark in School of Science classrooms and laboratories, but also is a big part of campus life at IUPUI.

  • Finding her voice

    Freshman Janae Morris is still deciding what career to pursue, but the singer-songwriter knows music will be a part of her life.

  • International impact

    After three years in the U.S., Sara Suarez is a shining star in the international community at IUPUI.

  • Intern of the year

    The largest group of engineering educators in the world has selected Kirk Barber as its intern of the year.

  • Twists and turns

    Life has taken unexpected turns for businessman turned nursing student Josh Retz.

  • Innovating vehicles

    Student Earl Han received a grant from the newly formed Student Innovation Fund to tweak vehicle design.

  • Thinking long-term

    Undergrad and 'no-nonsense guy' Ben Judge has his hands in many activities on campus, and an eye on the future.

  • From pilot to dentist

    After more than 20 years as a U.S. Navy fighter pilot, Tim Downing started a new career at the IU School of Dentistry.

  • Juggling act

    IUPUI student Rachael Bazzell is pursuing a medical degree and holding a full-time job with the American Cancer Society.

  • Cynthia Smith, trail blazer

    Event management major and Moving Company member Cynthia Smith wants to set Indianapolis apart.

  • Cora Griffin, student trustee

    The Trustees of Indiana University are accepting applications for the student trustee position.